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Don't know why

Not really sure why I'm updating...they isn't anything new and exciting to say.

I suppose its because I should be sleeping, because I have to be at work in four hours. But no, that couldn't be it, could it? Umm...yeah.

Lets see. Oh, yes. Miss little Oblivious girl, came into work today...
You know I'd think that if I was seeing a guy that I really, really liked, and had liked for a couple of years, I would notice if he was looking at another girl in a way that he doesn't look at me. (did that make sense? no.) Anyway, he's back in recieving, talking to me, like he is everytime she comes up there, and he's staring at me, like he does -that makes me swoon- and she comes back and starts talking to me, like no big thing. And she does this consistantly. I'm not sure where she got the idea that we were friends, but I guess because I'm friends with him, she's my friend too? Not sure.

Anyway. I don't think I'm going to sleep anytime soon. Which kinda sucks knowing if I don't, I'm not going to be able to get up in the morning. Maybe, I'll just stay awake all night. Yeah, thats a BRILLIANT stupid idea. Geez. You know. If I don't snap out of this whole thing, when school starts on Monday, I'm not going to be able to attend classes like a normal person. Not that I'm a really regular student to begin with, but you know, I like to try.

Auch, and now, the ramble has begun. While I'm at it...

I started playing with the songs again. I finally got Jareth's song off my email, and started messing with the beginning of it. I knew it needed "fixing", but I'm not sure I like any of it now. Its really hard to give up making music for a while, and then try to get back into it. Sort of like my poetry...that thing a month or two back when I wanted to write poetry again, I read the stuff I'd done before, and realized how much it sucked, and gave it up...AGAIN. Like most things, if I fail more than once, its over and done once more. I'll pick it up again eventually, but never stick with it long enough to make it of anyuse to me.

Maybe someday I'll make it home.