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Safe and Sound and Working.

I'm home.  Well, technically I'm at work, but in Kansas City area and that's home.  I had a great time visiting saskya and doricom.  Plus I got to meet tiexalan and nehimama.  It was really sad to have to go home yesterday, and I feel bad that I wasn't much fun with my massive headache while I was there yesterday.  But it was an adventure, and I'm glad I was there.

I'm still a bit tired this morning.  It took me about six hours to make it home yesterday, because I stopped twice.  When I did finally get home last night, I was awake long enough to grab a shower and crawl into bed.  I was asleep in no time, but restlessly, since I ended up dreaming about driving home all night.  Not a great way to spend the night. 

Driving through Missouri is quite an experience, although I imagine it'd be a similar experience in most central U.S. states.  There are a great deal of cities in Missouri with odd names: Diggins, Licking, Versailles (pronounces Ver Sallys by the inhabitants), Gravois Mills, and lots others.  The roads truly are inspiration for rollercoasters in most places with loads of small hills and great switchbacks that made my cell phone die.  Sometimes, driving down one of the one lane highways, my phone would lose service on one end of the switchback, and get it back on the other side.  Same town, same height.  Different side of the road.  Go figure.

The minidonkeys down on the farm were adorable.  The were really friendly, but I think I'd like to have brought Elmer, the donkey donkey back home with me.  He was the donkification of Eeyore.  (*I'd say personification, but donkeys aren't people, now are they?*) 

I've got a lot of things to deal with now that I'm home, I'm pretty sure I'd made plans for Anjanette and Jim to come over tonight, before I knew that I'd be gone this past weekend.  I think I'll be up to having them over, especially since Matthew, being the wonderful boy he is, managed to clean a great deal this weekend.  Not that the two of them should mind a small mess.  I've seen their rooms.  I've got to figure out where I'm voting tomorrow, and when exactly.  Since I haven't re-registered since we moved, I think I'll have to drive back up to Dad's to get my vote in.  Daily, I try and check Laurell K. Hamilton's Blog, and she's written a pretty interesting piece on this vote of amending the constitution for marriage.  The only reason I'm bothering to vote tomorrow is to vote against this amendment.  I'm not going into details, I don't want a battle over whether it's right or wrong, just I'm against it.  If you're interested, and in Missouri, I'd recommend reading what she wrote about her opinion.  Not the reason I'm doing it, but she's got good points. 

Now, I should get back to my work.  *hugs* 


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Aug. 2nd, 2004 10:01 pm (UTC)
Thank you for calling to let us know you were home safely. I am sorry you had dreeeams like that; those can be awful!

(Elmer is a mule, half horse, half donkey. If you'll recall, he's the one my mom rescued a while back and is the same mule that was in the juan valdez coffee commercials! How neat was it to actually MEET him!? I told mom that he was letting you rub and pet on him the first day you were here, and she about fell over. She says it always takes him a good long time to warm up to people and even let them -near-!)
Aug. 3rd, 2004 03:51 pm (UTC)
It was super cool to meet mr. Elmer. Such a sweetie. I can't believe that he warmed up to me so well. (*I think muleifacation is a much not a word as donkification. *shrugs**)
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