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Interesting Dreams

I had weird dreams last night. Mostly no one died. Well, okay, there was this one guy, that I killed, I'm not exactly sure who he was, or why we were fighting, or why I ended up beheading him with a big sword...but I did. That was after the weird Eagle Heights people dance that I attended with my senior classmates, where we got all dressed up like for a prom or something (which we didn't have) and went out to this desert plain, and into a big metal cage where we had a DJ and we danced. The sophomores and juniors had to wait outside the cage until after the first dance before they could come in, and then everyone danced. There was some sort of award thing going on during the dance, and I got one. I don't know what it was, but I remember that the dance was for something, I just don't know what.

Then there was the weird scruffy guy that I beheaded. He came after me when I was wondering around I think a convienence store, I was still dressed up from the dance, and he wanders in and attacks me. I didn't think it was odd or anything, like I was expecting him to attack or something. He was extremely difficult to get rid off, he wouldn't go down even after I chopped off limbs, I wasn't hurt, but annoyed, so I beheaded him. And like some bizzare movie sequence he spun around and around and out the door as his head flew off.

From the store or wherever I was, I made my way to pick up my new car at Best Buy? or a store like it anyway. Apparently my car wasn't finished though, and they wouldn't give it to me. They said it was going to be another month before I could pick it up because it only had a third of the parts in it that a car needs, so it was going to take a month to finish. The car was, I think a Chevy Cavalier. I'm not sure why I was getting a new car, or why it was that car, but such is the nature of dreams, I suppose.

I woke up this morning during my yelling match with the employees at the store with the car, trying to figure out why they wouldn't just send that car back to the factory to be fixed, or junked, and give me a new one. Waking up while in the middle of a dream fight, is never fun.

Good news is: I'm leaving work early today. I should be out of here by three-thirty this afternoon!!


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Jun. 5th, 2004 03:57 am (UTC)
Your dreams are amazing. I know they are distressing at times, but the imagery and stuff is pretty powerful. Getting off work is such a wonderful feeling ain't it? I love that time of day, every day!
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