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The cunning use of pressure points...

Every wish you could detach your arms so that you could reach that blasted spot on your back that no one ever seems to be able to scratch? Today was one of those days. I've got major neck pains, and I'm in desparate need of a massage, but no one besides me can do it the way it needs to be done, and I can't reach that spot from the right angle to get it done. Uggggh. I can feel the knots on my neck and if I press on them just right, I can actually rotate my neck without pain, but I can't walk around with my fingers pressed into my neck all day now can I? And if just the neck pain wasn't bad enough, I'm feeling generally crappy on top of it. Just non-mobile, non-functioning, and sleepy. Very sleepy. Hopefully, this too will pass.
I'm a little concerned about tomorrow, or this morning, whichever though. It's the due date of the first rough draft for Creative Writing. I'm okay with the story, it's just that the preppy, normal college students in my class don't get the plot. And thats okay, I guess, I'll just have to ignore their lack of helpfulness. I just wish I didn't have to talk about it in class, when I know that the general consensous doesn't care.

I did however, manage to somewhat plan my adventure for tomorrow night. I'm using a pre-fab adventure, which was sort of the plan to begin with, but its in the old system, so I had to go through converting monsters. I got a little ways into the third section of the dungeon and stopped, and if they adventure further than that, we'll just have less encounters, or the same creatures in more places than one, because I'm lazy and my brain refuses to read anymore. The adventure is meant to be done is more than just one gaming session, so we won't finish it tonight, I'm just worried, that with all the planning for every friday in march and then voting on one game in april, that they may not finish that dungeon. I guess as long as they're okay with that I am too.

I wish I had a flag...