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You all post a lot. That's not a bad thing, but I just went through three pages of friends entries to get back to the last thing I read before bed last night.

Second day of work was about as nifty as the first. I spent time this morning going through their new training system for the database we use. Not really learning, but going over it to pick out stuff that wasn't right, and seeing how long it took for a new user, and making sure it didn't break. Good things like that. I finally got my badge this afternoon, but not having it until after lunch meant going to lunch with my new boss, Sue, who is a nice lady. She told me a few things about the group, and mainly spent part of lunch telling me how sorry she is that I can't have cube to myself. She also told me as a warning that the lady I'll be sharing with eventually, is very unhappy about the arrangement. Their going to reconfigure the cube, so both computers and everything will fit in there and stuff, but apparently this lady just doens't think it's fair. Now, me, I don't mind sharing a cube. I mean it'd be nice to have one to myself, but it's not a necessity. The only thing I care about is sharing computers which I'll be doing for the next few weeks until they can reconfigure our cube. Which means I can't get into my email, I don't have a phone or fax number or anything until then. That part kinda sucks.
This afternoon I spent doing my actual job...about three hours of my day doing what I'd be hired for, not bad really. Sue thinks it's necessary to introduce me to everyone important that we come across, and she's setting me up to be her right hand, I mean the cube I'm sharing is right by hers, and yesterday she told me about all the stuff she's got planned for me to do in the future. It gets a little old, listening to her tell everyone she introduces me to what degrees I have, and that I'm working on another and yada yada...but it's for a good reason. And it's nice for people to try not to treat me like I'm five just because I'm new. I enjoy that part.

Anyway, I'm going to go play Skies of Arcadia for a bit. It's the new GameCube game Matt bought for me this weekend. It's a wannabe Final Fantasy game on crack pretty much. But I'm having fun so far.