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An interesting weekend.

I had a slow, lazy weekend...mostly.
Friday night after I got home from the game, Matt and I went out for drinks to Westport. The Phoenix, his favorite jazz place, was packed full, so we ended up down at Harry's. Nice drinks, and spinich and artichoke dip. It was busy there too, but we managed to find a nice bench out of the way near the TV where we could sit and talk and not be bothered.
Saturday was slow. We went out and watched Scooby Doo 2, which was a fun little movie. And I promised Anjie we'd wait until Monday to go watch Kill Bill 2, so we couldn't watch that instead. We went out after the movie with Tony who came home to go out Monday for the first day of Turkey hunting season. Ended up at the Casino where we met the best waitress we've ever had. Tony's going to email me the new version he has up of the you are not special site so I can work on it, adding the email we got and the database of cards.
Not going over to Anjie's this afternoon. I have a feeling I'm being stood up again, but I'm taking her word that it's only homework that keeps me from not coming over and not her being with Jim. I'm sure I'll find out tomorrow sometime. For now, I'd like to believe that she wouldn't lie to me twice in a row. So I just finished watching the Kill Bill dvd and I'm thinking about messing around in the Sims or something for a while. Matt and Tony found me a new stick of memory last night, so my computer is faster than ever before, again. *grins* Another stick of 256, yay!