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I'm headed off to bed now...

Just wanted to post a bit first about my Christmas.

I had to work Christmas Eve until six. Not really so bad. I managed to get off early, about five, pick up Matt and head to Mom's. Shock and excitement abound at Mom's, for she actually bought me things I wanted this year. I like this Amazon wishlist thing. She bought the majority of my presents from there, so I was guarenteed to like them, I suppose. Headed to Dad's after dinner, Matt got to meet a bit of the crazies, although just the ones belonging to Sherri, none of Dad's friends or family was there at all this year. We ended up Christmas Eve at Anjanette's, watching the Fellowship of the Ring (extended version), had lots of fun, and then we went home.

Christmas morning Matt came and picked me up and took me to share in Christmas at his house with his sister, Mom and Dad. They all got lots of neat presents, and I got my gamecube from Matt. It's the super nifty cool Zelda version, with the four in one game too. After presents were consumed, we headed to his grandmother's for an extended family gathering, all in all, not so bad. I had Rose to keep my company for sure. And we ended our day once again at Anjie's, this time we brought Rose with us, and eventually managed to get Jim there as well. Now if we could only get Jim to ask Anjie out, we'd be well on our way to happier friends. But that is a different story. Watched the extended version of the Two Towers, had Turducken, and played Kareoke Revolution. A good Christmas.

I ended up with three new Playstation games (FFX, Kareoke Revolution & .Hack//outbreak), a Gamecube w/two games (Zelda four pack & Resident Evil 0), extra stuff for the game cube, Two books (The DaVinci Code & A Dictionary of Gods and Goddess/ Devils and Demons), three new cds (Puddle of Mudd, LoTR:Return of the King, & Bella Morte), and other odds and ends like pop, and candy, and other sweets. Also a new black fleece purse with matching hat, gloves and scarf, oh & Dad managed to get my Washer and Dryer working which Matt and I moved into my apartment this morning. Very neat. There was money involved as well. Hopefully money that I'll be able to spend on another Gamecube game, like The Sims: Busting Out. But, we'll see what I get paid Friday before we do that.

I hope everyone else had a splendid Christmas and got all the things they wanted as well. There's other things I wish to discuss of my holiday, but I'll save those for later, I've already been up to long.


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Dec. 28th, 2003 01:37 pm (UTC)
Sounds like a great Christmas :D
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