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Phantom Ships...

Last day of school. And I have a cold.

First new Halemetrian Adventure. And I have a cold.

Not just the oh my head hurts, and I feel a bit uncomfortable, but the can't breath through my nose or mouth without thinking about how inconvienent it is to have to be thinking about my breathing at all. This is like my third cold since January...something is wrong with my sinuses. I've never been sick this often before. And to top it off, my tongue is raw. You can see the red stripe across the middle of it where its raw from...I'm not sure. I didn't burn it, and I haven't engaged in any activities withit, so I'm stumped. I'm sure its just geographic tongue that comes with idiotic sinus/allery crap. *sigh*

Paycheck today was short four hours. From the week that I knew I worked forty hours they shorted me. Did they think I wouldn't notice. Yeah right, I need that money to badly.

Did I mention today was the last day of classes? Yipee!