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Two days left.

Got to leave work early tonight as well. Unpaid, but off work is still off work. Tomorrow, our UM is bringing lunch type foods in for us to eat. I think we might get an hour for lunch as well since it's like a potluck type thing. Time off the phone is good time. No matter what it's for.
Forgot to check on the animals at Dad's house tonight, or I didn't forget completely, but I didn't remember until about an hour ago, and by then I was already in my Pj's and in no mood to cross the city to check on animals. But this also means, I didn't get laundry done either. So the next two days should provide some interesting clothing choices since I'm running near the end of the available good stuff.
Finally after much begging and pleading and threatening, got my Eminem cd from my brother. I thought I'd lost it for good and was not looking forward to spending another fifteen dollars on a cd that he stole and lost. But a bit over a week ago, I found out that he found the cd, apparently he'd swiped it back before they went on vacation. And he had managed to forget that it was in his old car cd player before he replaced it. But after being threatened with paying for a new one, he tore apart the old cd player to rescue the cd. I was thrilled, I've missed that cd muchly. However it's scratched during two of my favorite songs which doesn't make me a happy girl. So if I can't fix the scratches, he'll be buying a new cd anyway.

Introduced Anjie into my Planes D&D game this evening. She created a first level character, and we've got several prefab adventures that I'll be running her though in my worlds. I'm happy to be actually planning something creative again since I can't seem to write now, and drawing talent seems to be nonexistant. Sometime you have to be happy with whatever creative drips you can squeeze out. So adventure planning it is. We basically went over back story and such tonight, but so far so good. And I had to remember to keep it simple now anyway since she's not used to a d20 game. Soon though, she'll get it all. Fights and all gooey slimey monsters.