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What a nightmare

Due to a nasty XP worm thingie, I almost lost the entire contents of my harddrive last night. I know that wasn't really the intent of the worm, but my computer was already having issues, and apparently the constant restarting caused by the worm was the last straw. Thank goodness for Safe Mode or I wouldn't have gotten anything back to it's original state. And now things are fine. I'm still a bit paranoid about the stuff on my computer, so I downloaded the ZoneAlarm Firewall to keep harmfull things out. Although, it keeps out a lot more than that. It'll take me a bit to configure it right. So far mostly so good. That all caused me a few lost hours of sleep last night worrying about losing all my stuff as well as trying to fix it.

Othere than the computer issues, things have been pretty decent lately. I still don't like my job, but I doubt they'll be firing me anytime soon. So that's good news. Also I got to go out with the boy and his sister and her boyfriend (Rose and Tony) last night. We went down to the Ameristar Casino, where I shouldn't be allowed out by myself. He left me alone for all of five minutes and I had some crazy guy trying to hit on me. Lesson one: Don't gamble alone. Lesson two: Gamble with more than one dollar. Had a dollar. Lost a dollar. Not a productive evening. Unless you count the fact that I got along swimmingly with Rose and Tony.

Swimmingly? Where'd that come from?

My brain really is fried from all the computer paranoia.


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Aug. 13th, 2003 06:17 am (UTC)
Gah...! Computers really do suck sometimes! I am glad that you were able to fix ok though - :)
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