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People really should know better.

We had a nice Friday night. Well, mostly.

I worked today, 10-2 during the day, nice hours when I can get them, right? That really wasn't bad. Honestly, I was busy the entire time I was there, and I was suprised when 2 sneaked up on me, no matter how ready I was for it to arrive.

Went out for Friday night gaming...and I get a cell phone call as we're starting from one of the supervisor's at work, asking me if I want to go to dinner with her, and Nick & Emily, Matt and maybe Tara. I'm sorry, but 1)it's a friday night. The only place I go on friday's is to role-play. and if anyone thinks they're taking that from me, they better have a DAMN good reason. 2)I'm not going to dinner with a supervisor I can't stand, a couple that I can't stand to see together, and a single guy that likes me, just not enough to do anything about it. 3)It's like after dinner time by the time they even called.
It's not really the invitation that pissed me off, it was the timing and the people involved that I don't like. It's an obvious set up to get me with Matt, and I won't do it like that. Not to mention, Emily and Tara both know I won't stand to be set up. Not with anyone. It's a thing I have. Just one of the rules. They just should've known better. And tomorrow when I get to work, I'm finding out who the hell idea it was to invite me, and they're in sooo much trouble. *glower*

Now I'm spending the weekend with Sherri since Dad's out of town. And hopefully I'll manage to get Mom and Sherri both to take me to movies this weekend. John's out of town this weekend too, and since Mom was playing the guilt fest, I agreed to see a movie with her tomorrow night when I get out of work. And Sherri agreed to see Chicago with me on Sunday before I go home, about which I'm excited. I really want to see that movie in the theater, and not on my crappily small computer monitor.