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A Musical Christmas

I mentioned before that it's been kind of a musical Christmas, and it really has. For ourselves, I bought Guitar Hero III for the 360, and it's awesome. I managed to find one with a Wireless guitar which made me pretty happy.

Then, from my mother, we got the thing we really wanted the most (at least I wanted the most) which was Rock Band for the 360. We set it up at Mom's house Christmas Day while my step-sisters were there and played a few rounds of the Band Quickplay. Lots of fun. Since bringing it home, I've really tried to give drums a try in the Band World Tour with Matthew, but it's not working out, so we made a new band - him on bass and me on guitar. We've gotten through Medium...I'm not sure how much further we'll get, but we've been having a lot of fun with it. I'm going to keep trying drums, on the solo tour, hopefully I'll get better. My biggest problem is with the foot pedal, my legs aren't quite long enough to reach it comfortably.

And it wasn't really for Christmas, since we've been talking about it a long time, but Matt's mom bought her and I tickets to the musical theater performance that'll be in KC week after next. We even managed to get fairly decent seats for buying them so close to the performance.