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Haunted by Kelley Armstrong

I'm bored so you're getting a book review.

After realizing how much I liked Dime Store Magic and Industrial Magic, even with the change of main character from the first two books, I decided to give Haunted a shot. In Haunted, Armstrong changes voices yet again and this time our main character is dead. More accurately she's the ghost Eve, mother of Savannah. We met Eve in Stolen, when she was still alive, and again in Industrial Magic, when she was not. The Fates have a task for Eve this time around. She's made a promise that she can't go back on to help them, and now they're taking her up on it.

I like the idea of Armstrong's Afterlife. Everyone has their own place. Supernaturals are kept to their own world, because even after death, they retain some of their previous powers. Eve, is both a half-demon and a witch a rarity on both sides. The Fates rule over the supernatural Afterlife, devising rewards and punishments for it's inhabitants. When they call in a favor, it's something big too. Especially when they have to call in someone like Eve, who has a habit for breaking the rules. I can't say much without giving a lot away, even about the previous books. I will say, that we meet everyone again, except for Elena (the werewolf from the first two stories) but she's mentioned.

I can say, that I like Eve's straightforward attitude, her kickass-edness and her ability to complete bypass the rules to attain her goals. Despite all this, she's still got her problems, her insecurities...and well she's a ghost with some of the problems that entails. It was a quick, fun read. And I find myself looking forward to the next in the Otherworld Series where we get to go back with Elena for a bit. I'm also really hoping that we get a Jaime book sometime soon.


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May. 2nd, 2006 08:53 pm (UTC)
Hehehe, this Eve sounds like, well...THIS Eve! ;p As far as breaking the rules goes, tee-hee...and a couple other things. Funny.
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