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Book Reviews: Lolita & The Woad to Wuin

Lolita by Vladimir Nabakov the last book I read of 2005.  Which, I can't think of Nabakov, without thinking of The Police song, "Don't Stand So Close to Me".  It's just the way my brain has that catalogued.  Anyhow, Lolita.  I'm not sure really what to say about this book.  Most everyone should know the story, of Prof. Humbert Humbert falling in love with Dolores Haze.  It's an interesting story to be sure.  I can't say I really liked the book, based on the specific subject matter.  However, I will admit to being crazy with adoration over Nabakov's writing style for Lolita.  H. Humbert is insane.  Crazy, not eccentric, the down and dirty crazy-smart man that talks and adores, and worships at the feet of his obsession for his Lolita.  Nabakov writes that obsession so very well.  It struck a lot of chords with me, that craziness, that border from the sane to the insane that Humbert walks.  As a story, Lolita is sometimes hard to follow, especially in the beginning.  Humbert remembers so much, and speaks in different languages (that I was thankful for the little French I took), and jumps from place to place before settling in with Mother and Dolly Haze.  However, it's well worth the read for the writing style alone.

The Woad to Wuin, the second in the Sir Apropos of Nothing series by Peter David.  I wasn't much impressed with this second installment.  The first one was funny for all the reasons that made the second a little stale.  It's a fun story, but the attitude of Apropos gets really old really fast.  Plus, David tends to rehash a lot of details from the first part of the story, and occassionally he tells the same story several times.  And for those that read the first book, it's unnecessary.  Even if you jumped in here, some of the reminders are unnecessary.  And there are times, that I think David was perhaps just scrambling for more pages, something to keep the story going.  I wanted to scream, "Just get on with it already!" at the book several times.  I'm willing to admit that there are several chapters of the book that just don't appeal to my sense of humor, although I imagine that there are plenty of people out there that would've enjoyed it a great deal.  I think I'll read the third one, when I can get my hands on it, but only to instill that sense of completion in me.