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Sadly, plans to see Robots last night fell through.  Another week, another unorganized trip to the casino/theater.  We did go out with the AnJim last night, it's not as if things were cancelled altogether.  And we did make plans to see Robots.  What hadn't been discussed was Jim's need to get home really early last night (due to work/school things) and the fact that if had to go to the 8:30 show, it would be too late.  We arranged to meet them, as well as Tony & Allison (sp?) at the casino early enough to have dinner and get to the 7:05 show.  What we didn't count on was our food not arriving until 6:45.  So we missed the show, and then decided that there was nothing else worth seeing.  Instead the six of us trekked up to Borders and wondered around for a while.  Not the best way to spend the night out with friends.  Although, coming from a book lover, not the worst either. 

I didn't actually buy anything from the book store (yay! checkbook) although I found a few things that I want to try in the future.  I definitely see a trip to the Half-Priced book store in my very near future.  When buying books I've learned to hold out for the half-price store despite pretty colors and promises of great stories.  I've also started making a list of books to read in the future in my notebook, it's too hard to remember names of books and authors anymore. 


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Mar. 24th, 2005 12:59 am (UTC)
When my book comes out, I think you should buy it at full price as soon as you see it :) The colors will be dazzling and the stories, beyond compare :)

But I may be biased.
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