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A world of silly characters...

My time has been spent lately engrossed in the world of Hyrule. I'm relearning the story of Link and Zelda, and the fact that I never appreciated the N64 until now. I thought it was a crap machine when it came out, and have only now come to enjoy the games they've made to echo the world of 8 bit. Okay, so its not as wonderful, as it could be. And Ocarina of Time is only a game, but I've been hermitizing myself lately, and thats why. I come online for short periods of time, mostly ignoring my online friends checking EK here and there, and updating my mostly neglected website, only to return to the console world. I suppose I'm making up for not being to excited about role-playing lately, and this is the second escape. I spent more time online today than I think I have in two weeks now, but it was done out of necessity and not want. I've got a website project due tuesday. Or something like that. And I've done nothing until today to work on it. Stupid last minute projects. My own damn fault however, and thats the reason for my onlineness today. Its a crappy little website, but Tuesday it'll be a crappy little website with a grade. Yipee. I'd share the link, but it's truly awful, and I don't think you should be subjected to its horridness. Sorry.

In other more exciting news...there's only one week left of classes, and then finals. Woot!

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