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Quiz stolen from siadhan and wacky dream sequences...


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I had the weirdest dreams last night. It was just one random craziness after another.
First there was something about a dungeon hole it had to be covered so the entrance couldn't be accessed. It was in the back of this house, on a hill scraped out of the concrete backlot. So I used a ton of gravel and sand to seal up the big hole with the entrance.
Later I was driving down 152 near my mom's house, and I saw what I thought was plane going down over this hill about to crash. I start pulling over as it makes contact, and it's not a plane, it's a missile. As I turn around, I realize another went off not to far behind me on the highway, and all the cars around me are on fire. I'd just happened out of the way enough, to miss the fire, and the backdraft flames. Then there's the segue into the house to go into hiding, the boy makes sure I get to the house okay, and then he leaves to go home and check on his own family. As I walk into this house I notice the cast of Charmed in this small closet sized room, with translucent walls, and they're all talking, and then they're tap dancing. (Shouldn't have watched Chicago before bed...).
I go upstairs in the house and there are two people talking to this guy that's roped himself to a mirror. He's afraid of himself / reflection-self, and says if we unrope him he won't be able to control his reflection self. We think he's insane, unrope him, and then have to battle the dragon he turns out to be. When we're done beating him, he's just himself, and a mirror.

I don't remember eating any wacky food.


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Aug. 23rd, 2003 07:40 am (UTC)
i was just trying to explain Nick Cave to my Uncle....try that for a challenge!
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