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A mostly decent start...

To a mostly decent day so far.
Stayed up late last night to watch TV and play my new game and things that I haven't done recently because I haven't been home. I think I went to sleep around three this morning. It was a nice change not to have to go to bed. Although I did have to get up early this morning in order to be over at Dad's. He went to get his school books today, and I went with him to pick them up from the bookstore. I didn't like the way their bookstore was set up. They had rows of books like Park did with the class numbers, but it turns out that those are just "recommended reading" for the classes listed. You have to stand in line at a window to get your actual books. It was odd. But all in all, not a bad book buying experience since he got books for four out of his five classes for under $200.

At one today I had a appointment to get my eyebrows waxed. First time for everything, and if I do say so myself, I think they look spiffy cool. I'm really excited about going to the concert tonight. It'll be good times. We've seen Type O twice before, but never during reasonably good weather, so this will be interesting. Plus seeing Lacuna Coil is just a nifty cool bonus for an early birthday present. Although if these early presents keep up, I won't be getting anything on my birthday.

I think I'm going to find some sugar to inject into my system I'm starting to get a bit tired.